Billy Sammons Profile

Field Day: June 15, 2016 – Churdan (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Event Title: Effects of a Custom-Made Roller-Crimper on Rye Cover

County: Greene

Farm size: 120 acres – including 85 acres of cropland and 35 acres in CRP

Crops Grown: Non-GMO corn, conventional soybeans and alfalfa

Production Practices Used:

  • No-till corn-soybean rotation system for the past three years (ridge-tilled for the 10 years prior to these three no-till years)
    In the past, injected liquid N was the primary fertilizer
  • Herbicides containing glyphosate were used sparingly to control heavier annual and perennial weed pressure through spot treatments
  • Conservation practices:
    • 35 acres of land in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), including a recently added
    • 8-acre plot of quail habitat and a 1-acre pollinator strip. CRP land now buffers the cropland on all sides
    • Cover crops
  • First year of transition to organic production

Farm Conservation Programs Used:

  • Conservation Reserve Program
  • USDA Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) – Billy’s application to enter EQIP is currently under review. It focuses on a transitioning to organic production and integrating cover crops, nutrient management practices and conservation crop rotation practices

Other Background

Besides working his present farm, Billy farmed 160 acres of wheat, barley and lentils in Washington State for eight years in the 1980s. Since then, Billy has worked on and off with many different farmers over the years.