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Ellie is currently a third-year student at Iowa State, studying Global Resource Systems, Agriculture & Society, and Spanish. She grew up outside Mount Pleasant in southeast Iowa, and spent most of her childhood out in the woods – hiking, kayaking, and taking pictures. Participation in the Global Youth Institute in high school brought global agriculture to her attention, and since then, her studies have focused on the intersection of agriculture, international development, and communications. In her free time, Ellie enjoys dancing, art, and running. She assists staff with writing and multimedia work.

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Gary and Carol Gadbury Members since 2015 Manhattan, Kansas

Gary and Carol Gadbury
Members since 2015
Manhattan, Kansas

Gary and Carol Gadbury are urban farmers in Manhattan, Kansas, where they work on a large backyard plot to raise vegetables, fruit, chickens and cereals.

“We kind of have a woodland garden area and a vegetable garden area and a small orchard,” Carol says.

These practices are a natural culmination of the Gadburys’ careers. The two met through Carol’s brother – Gary’s undergraduate roommate. At the time, Carol was returning home to be a nurse practitioner, but both were interested in gardening, herbs and medicinal plants. Despite this, both pursued “corporate paths” until more recently.

“It’s sort of like we came full-circle back to where we started from – getting back closer to the land,” Gary says.

However, their diverse backgrounds have played an important role in their farming. As Carol says, “it all kind of ties in.” A former docent for school children’s programs at a local native prairie preserve, Carol holds her master’s degree in anthropology and has experience in marketing. Gary is the former department chair of statistics at Kansas State University. Gary retired a few months ago, giving the two of them more time to focus on urban farming. Continue reading

“I can’t remember a time in my life when gardening wasn’t part of my life,” said Darla Eeten of Good Eetens Produce Farms.

Darla and her husband Michael run the all natural produce farm on 12 acres outside Everly. They aim to sustainably produce vegetables, fruit and cut flowers with little to no mechanization and no chemicals. On September 14th, they hosted a field day on their farm sharing some of what they’ve learned over the years.

Darla and Michael (center) with Darla’s daughter and son

Darla and Michael (center) with Darla’s daughter and son

Continue reading