George Naylor Profile

Field Day: June 15, 2016 – Churdan (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Event Title: Effects of a Custom-Made Roller-Crimper on Rye Cover

County: Greene

How Many Years Farming? 40

Acres in Production: 378 owned acres; 82 rented acres

Approximate percentage of household income derived from farm in past 12 months? 100 percent

Crops Grown: Non-GMO corn, soybeans, hay and oats

Equipment, Implements, Tools, Infrastructure Used to Raise These Crops:

  • General farm equipment
  • Grain drill

Production Practices Used:

  • “I tend to leave bean stubble untouched over winter and disc / rip corn stalks.”
  • “I’m now in the process of transitioning 150 acres to organic, so controlling weeds without herbicide and using untreated seed will offer new challenges.”
  • Conservation practices:
    •  More than 25 acres recently committed to quail habitat as part of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) land
    • 5 acres of pollinator strips
    • Cover crops

Livestock Raised? None

Farm Organizational Structure: Sole Proprietorship

Farm Conservation Programs Used:

  • Conservation Reserve Program

Special Business Software Used? None

How are Crops Marketed?

  • Contract
  • Grain elevator or co-op

Other Background

  • George has planted an organic orchard consisting of over 250 trees.
  • He and Billy Sammons have been working together developing plans for organic transition and experimenting with various sustainable farming practices.