Leroy Zimmerman Profile

Date:                   June 21, 2016 – Orchard (2-5 p.m.)

Event Title:     Berries + Veggie Starts + Potted Flowers

County:            Mitchell

How Many Years Farming?  20 – (12 years in Iowa, 8 years in Pennsylvania)

Acres in Production:  25 owned; 27 rented

Approximate percentage of household income derived from farm in past 12 months? 

75 percent

Crops Grown: Strawberries, blueberries, produce

Equipment, Implements, Tools, Infrastructure Used to Raise These Crops:

  • Tractor
  • Plastic laying and lifting equipment
  • Brushers
  • Picking conveyor
  • Sprayers

Production Practices Used:

  • Plasticulture – trickle-irrigated

Livestock Raised?  None

Any Farm Employees?  Yes

Number and Type of Employees? Seasonal

Farm Organizational Structure:   Sole proprietorship

Farm Programs Used:  None

Special Business Software Used?  Quickbooks

How are Crops Marketed?

  • Direct-marketing
  • Wholesale auction

Other Background:

  • Leroy Zimmerman moved to Iowa from Pennsylvania in 2005. He began with 6 acres of vegetables in 2005, and planted his first strawberries in 2007.
  • Leroy now grows vegetables on 52 acres – including 3 acres of strawberries.
  • Leroy and his brother, Daniel, are both members of a group of Old Order Mennonites.