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When Steve Leazer speaks of the 4th generation now on the farm, he is not referring to the new robotic milking system installed 16 months ago, but perhaps he should. This addition to the farming system has improved the quality of life for his daughter, Laura Jones, who supervises dairy production on the farm. “For […]

August 29, 2016 


Listen in as two beginning farmers, Kevin Dietzel and John Gilbert, share their experiences starting a dairy farm. Learn about the land base needed, market opportunities and demand, capital investments, barriers along the way and more.

December 2, 2014 


Have you thought about hiring farm employees but feel confused or unsure where to start? This farminar is for you.Learn from two farmers about their experiences hiring farm laborers across the spectrum, from H-2A visa holders and migrant seasonal contractor crews, to regular part-time workers and full-time employees. Listen in as the farmers ask questions of experts from each regulatory agency that Iowa farmers will need to work with in order to be legally compliant farm employers.

April 2, 2013 


Practical Farmers of Iowa field day will focus on ways to control flies in an organic dairy and efforts to boost profits by improving grass quality Aug. 4, near Waukon (Allamakee County) For Release: July 27, 2012 Download PDF (197 kB) View Fullscreen

July 27, 2012 


Fairfield Dairy Farmers Hold Field Day to Explore Replacing Fossil Fuels with Renewable Energy, August 27For Release: August 17, 2011 Download PDF (325 kB) View Fullscreen

August 17, 2011 


Decorah Farm Hosts Field Day ‘Fencing and Watering for Organic Beef, Sheep and Dairy,’ July 16For Release: July 5, 2011 Download PDF (328 kB) View Fullscreen

July 5, 2011 


Southeast Iowa Organic Dairy Hosts Practical Farmers of Iowa Field DayFor Release: August 12, 2008 Download PDF (244 kB) View Fullscreen

August 12, 2008 


ZJ Farm Organic Wormer ProjectPublished: February 2, 2001 Download PDF (248 kB) View Fullscreen

February 2, 2001 


Grazing Plus – What?Published: February 1, 2001 Download PDF (253 kB) View Fullscreen

February 1, 2001 


Grass-Based Dairy Farming in the Upper MidwestPublished: February 2, 2000 Download PDF (259 kB) View Fullscreen

February 2, 2000