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Grow Flowers that Sell: Top 10 Sellers at Brightflower FarmDecember 6, 2017 View Farminar Pre-recorded Growing specialty cut flowers can be profitable in wholesale markets. Learn some of the most profitable varieties and products sold at Brightflower Farm, a small cut flower farm in Stockton, IL. Jeanie McKewan, owner and founder of Brightflower Farm, will [...]

December 6, 2017 


Color and fashion were the first topics of the day at Fred Howell’s field day. Surprising? Not if you want flowers to be a successful part of your business. “New color trends starts in home fashion magazines… it the color is accepted there, then it goes into women’s fashion, which is fairly disposable. Then it […]

October 5, 2017 


Field day will explore dried flower production at Howell’s Greenhouse and Floral – Sept. 23, near CummingFor Release: September 7, 2017 Download PDF (103 kB) Cindy and Fred Howell and grandchildren Dried flowers at Howell’s Greenhouse and Floral Fresh and dried flowers Flowers growing in the field Contacts: Fred Howell | Fred’s Greenhouse and Floral [...]

September 7, 2017