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In a Nutshell
• Interseeding annuals into pastures
increases forage diversity, quality, and
• Bruce Carney developed seed mixtures
and interseeded them into existing
cool season pastures.
• Seed mixtures vastly increased pasture
• Grazing management to harvest or
trample forage at the right time and
to a proper degree is essential to feed
both livestock and soil microbes.
Key findings
• During the establishment year in 2014,
few advantages were seen in grazing
days or forage yield, but a baseline
was established for future comparison.
• In 2015, two fields were seeded once
with a cool season mix, and one field
was seeded multiple times with cool
and warm season mixes.
• Total tons of dry matter harvested by
cattle or baled was greater in 2015
than 2014; animal unit days provided
from forage produced were doubled
from year 2014 to year 2015.
• After multiple interseedings and two
years of rotational grazing on three
pastures, compaction near the soil
surface (<6 inches) increased but decreased deeper down (>21 inches).

July 6, 2016 


Objective: How does interseeding annual species improve quality and quantity of perennial pasture?

June 28, 2016 


Objective: To experiment with seeding multi-species forages into existing pastures and monitor performance of livestock, forage and the soil.

July 5, 2015