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By now, small grains have been planted and farmers have turned their attention to planting corn, and later to soybeans, but farmers must remember to continue to monitor small grains development during this busy planting time in order to achieve good quality grain. The March 10 shared learning call focused on best practices for fertilizer, […]

April 26, 2017 


In 2014, Iowa Learning Farms and Practical Farmers began a joint research effort to investigate the use of a highboy seeder to seed cover crops into standing corn and soybeans. The objective was to determine the effects of planting technique on the successful establishment of sole species and mixed species cover crops. Cover crop planting […]

March 22, 2017 


One of the benefits of small grains is that they are very versatile crops. As we discussed in our previous blog about variety selection, a farmer can have many different end uses in mind when planting a small grain. One of the uses is to bale the straw for sale or for their own use. […]

February 22, 2017 


When considering whether or not to grow small grains, one of the main things farmers consider is: can I sell them? In order to answer this big question, farmers often have to answer several smaller questions about who they can sell to, the logistics of how to sell, and what quality metrics and thresholds are expected. […]

February 7, 2017 


“Since the last people to grow small grains in this area were our grandparents or our great-grandparents a lot of small grains production [knowledge] seems like it’s through story telling. Some people say, well I’ve heard from my grandfather, that if you let small grains go down, it means they have a higher test weight. […]

January 27, 2017 


Read results from PFI’s newly released “Oat Variety Trial 2016.” PFI staff working with Albert Lea Seedhouse, General Mills, Grain Millers, the Sustainable Food Lab and Iowa State University chose 16 oat varieties to test at the Wendy Johnson farm near Charles City, IA and Iowa State University’s Northeast Research Farm (Nashua) and Northern Research Farm (Kanawha). In […]

September 20, 2016 


Four generations of the Wilson family welcomed 65 guests to their field day on August 13. The focus of this year’s event at Seven W Farm, located in Paullina, was on diversity – poultry, pigs, dairy, beef, sheep, corn, beans, hay, small grains – and the role of each family member on the farm. Going Organic The […]

August 23, 2016 


It was a few years ago that Jon Bakehouse decided that what they were doing at Maple Edge Farm near Hastings in Mills County was not enough. “We realized that no-till corn and soybeans were doing a pretty good job at soil conservation,” Jon says. “But what good is that if we’re conserving a degraded resource?” It […]

August 4, 2016 


The latest iteration of PFI’s cover crop variety trial has been released: “Cover Crop Variety Trial 2015-2016.” Cooperators evaluated fall and spring groundcover produced by cover crop entries in small, hand-seeded plots across the state. See all the entries in the table below.

July 13, 2016 


Cover Crop Variety Trial 2015-2016 Download PDF (2 MB) View Fullscreen

July 7, 2016