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• Cover crops are gaining new attention
for their ability to reduce weed
pressure in soybeans. Specifically,
when seeding soybeans directly into a
thick cover crop.
• Farmer-cooperators Jack Boyer and
Scott Shriver investigated the effect
of row-width on soybean yields when
rolling a cereal rye cover crop. Boyer
rolled select strips after terminating
with an herbicide; Shriver used a
roller-crimper to terminate his cover
Key Findings
• The narrowest soybean row-width at
both farms (10-in. at Boyer’s; 7.5-in. at
Shriver’s) resulted in greatest yields.
• Boyer saw the greatest return on
investment where he drilled soybeans
in 10-in. rows and did not roll the
cover crop after chemical termination.
The drill itself appeared to lay down
much of the cover crop residue.

November 15, 2017 


Cover crops may not be just for corn and soybeans. Cover crops and summer annual forage mixes can provide a host of benefits to annual cropping systems: add biodiversity, reduce soil erosion, reduce nutrient loss, increase soil organic matter and reduce weed pressure. Dave and Meg Schmidt, who raise cattle and crops near Exira in Audubon […]

October 26, 2016 


Objective: To test effects of roller crimping and an organic bio-soil enhancer on weed suppression, cover crop winter hardiness, soil properties, overall plant health and soybean (Year 1) and corn (Year 2) yields.

June 28, 2016 


On June 15, Billy Sammons, George Naylor, Joanna Hunter and Patti Edwardson kicked off Practical Farmers’ 2016 field day season. They had 110 people attend near Churdan to learn about using a roller-crimper to terminate a cereal rye cover crop ahead of soybeans. Both couples are transitioning acres into organic production. By using a roller-crimper, […]

June 22, 2016 


Long-time PFI farmers Doug Alert and Margaret Smith welcomed close to 60 people to their organic farm, Ash Grove Farm near Hampton, on July 7 to learn about beginning and advanced organic farming tactics. Chief among the topics discussed was terminating a cover crop with the roller-crimper method. It had been several years since Doug […]

July 14, 2015