Virgil Knobloch Profile

Date:                   June 28, 2016 – Bloomfield (1-5 p.m.)

Event Title:     Improving Soil and Pasture Through Management-Intensive                                     Grazing

County:           Davis

How Many Years Farming?  25

Acres in Production:  480 owned; 280 rented

Approximate percentage of household income derived from farm in past 12 months? 

81-99 percent

Crops Grown:

  • Pasture
  • Make hay on some paddocks
  • Turnips and wheat or oats for grazing
  • Occasionally, field crops include corn, soybeans, oats or barley

Equipment, Implements, Tools, Infrastructure Used to Raise These Crops:

Very minimal equipment used

Production Practices Used to Raise These Crops:

  • Trying to implement cover crops to grazie
  • Looking into companion crops and no-till organic production of crops

Livestock Raised:

  • Cattle include Black and Red Angus crossed with Red Devon
  • Sheep are hair sheep-khatadin cross
  • Chickens are Ameraucana, Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps

Equipment, Implements, Tools, Infrastructure Used to Raise These Livestock:

  • We have a summer and winter water system installed on most of the pastures
  • The farm has lots of electric fence corridors of 320 to 500 ft that are subdivided with poly fence
  • Chickens are in a portable coop on wheels

Production Practices Used to Raise These Livestock:

  • Management-Intensive Grazing to produce grass-finished beef
  • Stockpile grass for winter grazing
  • Some grazing of cover crops in the fall

Any Farm Employees?  No

Farm Organizational Structure:   LLC

Farm Programs Used:

  • Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
  • Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)
  • Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP)

Special Business Software Used?  Quicken

Certified Organic? Yes

How are Crops Marketed?

  • Contract
  • Direct-marketing
  • Auction
  • Wholesale