Collaborating to Scale Up Local Food Production

Collaborating to Scale Up Local Food Production

Carmen, Maja and Helaina with dogsSunday, Aug. 20 | 1-3 p.m.

Hosts: Carmen Black, Maja Black & Helaina Thompson

Sundog Farm

Address: 5025 120th St NE | Solon, IA 52333


Sundog Farm raises and markets vegetables, flowers, sheep, goats, eggs and broilers spread across five farm locations that they own or rent from neighbors. This farm is scaling up their local food production through more enterprises, additional season extension and on-farm processing, including a new freeze-pack facility.

For Carmen, Maja and Helaina, collaboration is key to unlocking what is possible among farmers and landowners within a single operation and across a region. For this field day, we will tour Sundog Farm’s vegetable production, including the vegetable freeze-pack processing facility, and see firsthand how working together has opened doors for them.

Following the field day, the Sundog team is excited to help land seekers and landowners connect at a land access meetup from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

Come early for lunch at noon and stay afterwards for refreshments and a conversation about land access.

See & Discuss:

  • Collaborating for land access
  • Scaling up vegetable production
  • Managing multiple enterprises
  • An on-farm vegetable freeze-pack processing facility