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The Hundling FamilySaturday, July 8 | 3-5 p.m.

Hosts: Brice & Melanie Hundling

Hundling Family Fresh Foods

Address: 11879 Birch Ave. | Breda, IA 51436


The Hundlings operate a diversified farm in western Iowa. They raise sheep and goats for direct-to-consumer sales; pigs and cattle for Niman Ranch; and grain. They also enjoy trying out new production systems and technology, including Nofence collars on their sheep. Brice and Melanie believe that having both grain and livestock on a farm is important for environmental well-being and as a way to be more economically viable. They also try to raise as much of their food as possible and model healthy eating habits for their children.

Dinner will follow the field day.

Sponsored by: 

  • Niman Ranch
  • Nofence

See & Discuss:

  • Nofence’s pilot program
  • Grazing cover crops with sheep and goats
  • Raising Niman Ranch pigs and cattle
  • Growing your own livestock feed
  • Planting an edible windbreak with NRCS funds