Microgreens and Marketing

Microgreens and Marketing to Build a Food System in Northwest Iowa

Calvin and Krissy ThiessenWednesday, Sept. 6 | 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Hosts: Calvin & Krissy Thiessen

Cherry Lane Farm

Address: 1023 205th Ave. | Spirit Lake, IA 51360


Cherry Lane Farm near Sprit Lake, Iowa, has seen big changes in recent years. Family matters and career changes, plus business pressures like labor shortages, have led Calvin and Krissy Thiessen to scale back their farm from diverse vegetable production to focus on microgreens and marketing. Through working with locally based Bonfire Marketing, the Thiessens created customized packaging that sets their products apart at area grocery stores. As the manager of the robust Farmers Market in the Park, which sees 3,000 visitors per week during the season, Krissy has unique insight, making their story about building a robust local food system a critical one in northwest Iowa.

Lunch will be served at noon.

Sponsored by: 

  • Farming for Public Health

See & Discuss:

  • Microgreens production
  • Managing a farmers market
  • Design and marketing for local food
  • Building a local food system through partnerships and collaboration
  • Balancing business ownership and family life