Relay Cropping

Relay Cropping, Permanent Clover and Irrigation Systems in Northwest Iowa

07.19 WhiteWednesday, July 19 | 10 a.m.-Noon

Hosts: Patrick White & Chuck White

Address: 800 W 18th St. | Spencer, IA 51301


Speaker: Representative from Continuum Ag

Patrick White and his father, Chuck White, farm corn, soy and cereal rye on 1,200 acres just west of Spencer, Iowa. They have practiced no-till since 2004 and used cover crops since 2013. Through their farm management business, Agriland, they help landowners get more involved in conservation in their area. At this field day, learn from Patrick and Chuck about the soil health benefits of cover crops and what incentives are available to landowners to help implement cover crops and conservation practices.

Lunch will follow the field day.

Sponsored by: 

  • Albert Lea Seed
  • Continuum Ag

See & Discuss:

  • Cover crop incentives for farmers and landowners
  • A permanent clover plot
  • A hardline irrigation system
  • 15 acres of relay-cropped rye and soybeans
  • Soil health benefits of cover crops

Location Notes:

The field day will begin and end at the Clay County Fair Events Center Ballroom. We will take a bus to the farm for a portion of the field day.