The Secrets of Stock Cropping

The Secrets of Stock Cropping

Zach SmithSaturday, Aug. 26 | 10 a.m.-Noon

Host: Zack Smith

The Stock Cropper

Address: 4284 Hwy 9 | Buffalo Center, IA 50424


Zack Smith is the fifth generation on his farm in Winnebago County, Iowa. His operation is centered on conservation practices like strip-till and planting cover crops on 100% of his acres – which he has done since 2014 – along with innovative cropping experimentation. In 2020, he started work on the Stock Cropper project, a system of integrating livestock and crop production in the same field at the same time. Join Zack to learn about his unique system and how he’s integrating conservation into his farm.

Lunch will follow the field day.

Sponsored by:

  • Albert Lea Seed

See & Discuss:

  • The stock cropping system
  • An autonomous ClusterCluck chicken tractor
  • Wide-row corn spacing with cover crop mixes
  • Integrating stock cropping with specialty crops like cucurbits