Published Jul 8, 2009

PFI Next Generation EVENT SUNDAY JULY 12

By Luke Gran

Do you like homemade pie with a flaky crust? Then you would love to attend the Next Generation PFI Event at Berry Patch Farm!

Sunday July 12
2 PM – 7 PM
South of Nevada, IA
Rancher and Holistic Management trainer Wayne Burleson brings 30 years experience from Montana to central Iowa. Using an interactive and engaging workshop style to learn simple guidelines that will help you make better decisions together on your farm.
PFI Members Vic & Cindy Madsen Deli Ham Sandwiches, Salad and featuring delicious Berry Patch pies with ice cream!
Please RSVP by Friday, July 10th to:
Luke Gran
Next Generation Coordinator
Practical Farmers of Iowa
515.232.5661 x308