Practical Farmers is a leader in bringing positive change to Iowa agriculture because we realize farmers are the primary experts in the field of agriculture, and we are aware that Iowa farmers want to learn from each other.

Our farmer members are the lodestars of our organization, guiding the directions we take in our program areas. Practical Farmers has rigorous evaluation procedures in place to track the effectiveness of our programs, how those who access our information – both members and non-members – change their behavior as a result, and to ensure we never stray from our farmer-centered focus.

Public Disclosure

Practical Farmers of Iowa welcomes review of our fiscal and organizational accountability documents.

The PFI Strategic Plan (2021-26)

Recognition of Tax Exemption

Most recent IRS Form 990

Most recent audit

The 990 and Financial Review are historical documents. These documents do not necessarily reflect the current realities of Practical Farmers of Iowa’s financial state or organizational plans. They were accurate to the best estimates available at the time they were filed.

Annual Report

Practical Farmers’ Annual Report is an easy-to-read overview of our activities in the past year, including financial information, findings from our annual member survey, and recognition of everyone who made a donation.