Meet our dedicated and hard-working staff.

Our staff includes a diverse group of individuals from a range of ag and non-ag backgrounds. Each staff member offers a unique set of talents that complements Practical Farmers’ goals and helps the organization flourish. Our hard-working staff choose to work with us because they believe in Practical Farmers’ mission, care about the success and aspirations of our members, and share in our vision for a future where diverse farms, thriving communities and robust ecosystems support a sustainable working landscape.

Megan Bark Headshot 05.15.2023 (1)

Megan Bark
Senior Cost-Share Administrative Coordinator

Debra BoekholderDebra Boekholder
Senior Membership and Office Assistant

Alisha BowerAlisha Bower

Heather Brown Headshot 08.01.2023

Heather Brown

Kasey Bunce Headshot 05.15.2023

Kasey Bunce

Rachel Burke Headshot 09.29.2022 small

Rachel Burke

Beginning Farmer Engagement Coordinator

Valeria Cano Camacho Headshot 02 06 2023Valeria Cano Camacho

Senior Latino Engagement Coordinator

Sarah CarlsonSarah Carlson

Senior Programs and Member Engagement Director

Steve CarlsonSteve Carlson

Membership and Office Manager

Margaret Chamas Headshot 10 17 2022 small1Margaret Chamas

Livestock Viability Manager

Rebecca ClayRebecca Clay

Senior Field Crops Viability Coordinator

Rachel Deutmeyer Headshot 05.22.2023

Rachel Deutmeyer

Senior Video Coordinator

Lydia english web gmailLydia English

Field Crops Viability Manager

Chelsea Ferrie Headshot 11 07 2022 small2Chelsea Ferrie

Field Crops Viability Coordinator

Stefan GailansStefan Gailans

Senior Research Manager

Natasha Hegmann Headshot 06.20.2023Natasha Hegmann

Senior Horticulture and Local Foods Coordinator

Taylor Hintch Headshot 1.7.2022 forWeb 01Taylor Hintch

Senior Field Crops Education Coordinator

Morgan Jennings Headshot 11 07 2022 small1Morgan Jennings

Field Crops Viability Coordinator

Amos Johnson Headshot 05 02 2022 Amos Johnson

Senior Livestock Education Coordinator

Miranda Johnson Headshot 08.29.2022 small (1)Miranda Johnson

Human Resources Manager

Tamsyn Jones Tamsyn Jones

Senior Editor and Magazine Coordinator

Kayla Koether Headshot 03.03.2022 02Kayla Koether

Senior Farm Viability Manager

Liz KolbeLiz Kolbe

Farmer-Led Education Director

Sarah Krumm Sarah Krumm

Senior Graphic Design and Photography Coordinator

Emma Liddle Headshot 1Emma Liddle

Membership Coordinator

Emma Link Headshot 01Emma Link

Senior Research Coordinator

Josh McCunn Headshot 06.15.23Joshua McCunn

Graphic Design and Photography Intern

Martha McFarland Headshot 04 04 2022Martha McFarland

Senior Farmland Viability Coordinator

Kyleigh Meyeres Headshot 06.08.23Kyleigh Meyeres

Office Assistant

Vanya North Headshot 08 01 2022Vanya North

Habitat Education Coordinator

Solveig Orngard headshotSolveig Orngard

Field Crops Education Coordinator

Mike Roelf Headshot 03.03.2022 01Michael Roelf

Information Systems Manager

Lara Schenck Headshot 3.3.2021Lara Schenck

Chastity SchonhorstChastity Schonhorst

Jacqueline Venner Senske Headshot 3.2.2021Jacqueline Venner Senske

Elizabeth Wilhelm Headshot 02 07Elizabeth Wilhelm

Media Relations Coordinator

Brad Woodson Headshot 02 06 2023Brad Woodson

Habitat Viability Manager

Emily Yaddof Headshot 02 13Emily Yaddof

Senior Digital Marketing Coordinator

Grace Yi Headshot 10 13 2022 small1

Grace Yi

Senior Habitat Viability Coordinator
Learn more about Grace

Carly Zierke profile pictureCarly Zierke

Digital Content Coordinator

Christine Zrostlik Head Shot V2Christine Zrostlik

Marketing and Communications Director

Green Iowa AmeriCorps Members

Erin Carpenter Headshot 11 07 2022 small1Erin Carpenter

Green Iowa AmeriCorps Member