Elizabeth Schnicker

Elizabeth Schnicker headshot

Field Crops Outreach Coordinator


Elizabeth Schnicker joined Practical Farmers of Iowa as a field crops outreach coordinator for the southern region in April 2024. In this role, she works with the farmer-led education and field crops departments to engage farmers and coordinate educational and outreach opportunities in southeastern Iowa, southern Illinois and northern Missouri.

Elizabeth’s passion for agriculture started on her family’s farm in Washington, Iowa, where her father and grandfather taught her the ins and outs of the operation – and, most importantly, how to be good stewards of the land. She pursued a degree in agronomy from Iowa State University, where her interests in world food issues and sustainability continued to grow.

A six-month internship at Walt Disney World in its hydroponic greenhouses ignited a passion for hydroponically growing food crops, and for thinking outside the box when looking for solutions to local food and sustainability issues. Elizabeth went on to work as an assistant grower at a hydroponic tomato facility in Iowa, and then as an integrated pest management specialist at a hydroponic leafy green facility in California.

Elizabeth’s love for Iowa agriculture brought her back home near the family farm. Before joining the PFI staff, she worked as a sales support agronomist. This position opened her eyes to shifts in how farmers view community, sustainability and the resiliency of their operations.

Outside of work, Elizabeth loves all things outdoors, gardening, crocheting, picking up new hobbies, trying new foods and spending as much time as she can with Jax, her California stray who’s turned into an Iowa farm dog.