Debra Boekholder

Senior Membership and Office Assistant


Debra Boekholder

Debra Boekholder joined Practical Farmers of Iowa in March 2017 and serves as the senior membership and office assistant. Her work includes membership activities such as recruitment and engagement, fundraising and event and program staff support. Debra serves as a liaison for the front office and visitors, facilitates PFI socials, works with volunteers and coordinates logistical details with our members and partners.

Debra graduated from Iowa State University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in child development and family studies. After working for a couple of years in social services, she shifted careers and worked in the coffee industry for nearly 17 years. During this time, she was deeply immersed in the coffee industry and learning about coffee as an agricultural product. As she gained more insight into the cultural, economic and political influence of coffee, she became more interested in learning about, and having an impact on, agriculture closer to home.

In her free time, Debra enjoys spending time outdoors, communing with nature and appreciating Mother Nature. She strives to be a lifelong learner, and has learned much about community, food, diversity and resiliency during her time at PFI.