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Connect with Practical Farmers of Iowa

PFI is all about building resilient communities. We welcome everyone, and our community extends far beyond our membership and Iowa’s borders. We encourage you to explore the many ways to connect with PFI, and to be part of our community.

Attend an Event

We host events year-round that bring people together to network and learn from one another. These include on-farm field days, our annual conference, socials, workshops, retreats and more. Visit our event page to find an event for you.

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Connect with us on Social Media

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, like us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel. Participate with others in our Practical Farmers of Iowa Facebook group.

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Members in the Practical Farmers of Iowa network represent a wide range of farms and organizations offering local foods, farm products, supplies and services. By supporting these farms and businesses you are helping us all build resilient farms and communities in Iowa and beyond.

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By donating to Practical Farmers today, you enable us to continue our work of fostering grassroots networking among farmers in support of a sustainable agricultural landscape in Iowa. Your gift is tax-deductible.

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Email Discussion Groups

Our email discussion groups instantly connect you with a network of members’ knowledge from the convenience of your smartphone, home or office. Become a member and join any of our 5 discussion groups: Announcements, Perspectives, Field Crops, Horticulture and Livestock.

Start conversations, seek advice and exchange ideas about any farming topic, sell equipment, farm products and services, and find markets.

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Email Newsletters

We have six email newsletters you can subscribe to. Our weekly newsletter, Practical News is released weekly on Friday afternoons. Small Grains News and Beginning Farmer News are monthly updates, the Practical Cover Cropper is released 1 – 2 times per month and the Farmland Transfer Newsletter and The Practical Landowner are quarterly. You can also get e-mail updates for upcoming farminars. You do not have to be a PFI member to subscribe to our newsletters.

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Work with the PFI team and agricultural stakeholders across the Midwest to create more resilient farming systems.

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Find Farmer Speakers

To empower farmers to share their knowledge and experience, we coach our members in public speaking and help them tell compelling stories with confidence and clarity.

If you are planning an event, organizing a guest lecture, seeking a farming voice for a story or need to access farmer insights for any other reason, our farmer-leaders are ready to engage.

Find a Farmer Speaker

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Join PFI or Renew Your Membership

By joining or renewing your membership with Practical Farmers of Iowa, you avail yourself of the wisdom and knowledge of an incredible community of innovative farmers, enlightened consumers and forward-thinking agricultural and environmental professionals.

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Shop PFI

Wear your support for Practical Farmers of Iowa! Look good on the farm or off.

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Sponsor Opportunities

Learn more about how your organization can support PFI and connect with our diverse network through annual sponsorship opportunities.

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Tell Your Story

Practical Farmers seeks to empower and enable Iowa farmers to become spokespeople for an agriculture that protects the land, builds community and brings a new generation back to the farm.

Each farmer has an individual story to tell – about how he or she got started, learned a new technique, adopted a different practice, pursued a new enterprise, made a change and why, and much more.

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Practical Farmers frequently needs help in our Ames office or setting up for events across Iowa. Volunteering with Practical Farmers of Iowa is a great way to experience life at a fast-paced sustainable agriculture nonprofit while helping achieve our mission. You will meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff and most likely will also get some delicious local food and our heartfelt gratitude!

Volunteer with us

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Feeling Isolated?

Farming can be stressful, and sometimes isolating. PFI encourages individuals who may be in need of social support to reach out for help.

Iowa Concern Hotline: Call 1-800-447-1985 to talk to a trained staff 24/7 that can either answer questions directly or get you in touch with experts who can provide additional information or support.

Mental Health Resources in Iowa

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