Lifetime Membership

A lifetime membership with Practical Farmers of Iowa gives you the same benefits as a yearly membership, but it is a one- time payment of $1,000 and ensures your membership never lapses.

What is a lifetime membership?

 What are the benefits of a lifetime membership?

  • No renewal notices
  • No membership rate increases
  • Receive special recognition and a framed certificate
  • Weigh-in on decisions
  • Never miss an issue of the Practical Farmer
  • Be a long-time supporter of our mission to strengthen farms and communities through farmer-led investigation and information sharing

How do I become a lifetime member?

Click here to join or renew online 

Who can become a lifetime member?

Anyone! It is not a requirement to be a member before purchasing a lifetime membership. Several members joined as lifetime members after learning about the organization for the first time. See what some of our lifetime members have said about their commitment to Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Testimonies from Lifetime Members

A lifetime membership in PFI seemed like a worthy “pay it forward” of dues as an investment in an organization (or should I call it family) that has nurtured me and many other members and will hopefully nurture many more in the future.
– Angela Tedesco
Johnston, IA

I chose to become a lifetime member of PFI for four reasons: I wanted to show that I am fully vested in the mission and vision of PFI; I am all in. I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to all the work PFI does to advance sustainable agriculture in Iowa. I wanted to always be able to proudly state that I am a member in good standing of PFI. Since my annual dues are paid, I can direct my future contributions to initiatives most important to me.

-Dick Schwab
Solon, IA

I am a strong believer and supporter of PFI’s mission to foster a more sustainable and conservation-friendly regime of farming, and also its mission to rebuild rural community.  As one who remembers the rural Midwest of the 1940s and 1950s, I believe today’s mainstream agriculture could learn some valuable lessons from the recent past.  There are values beyond the bottom line, and we are poorer by far when we do not honor them.

 “…I did the lifetime membership because I hate renewal notices, it looked like a good way to support an organization that is doing good work, and it’s a small return on how generous the Iowa land has been to me.”
-Dirk Mol
Champaign, IL

I am a Laotian who came to the United States in 1984. In 2010, I bought a small property with eleven acres in Milo, Iowa.  The first couple years I joined PFI, and later on I decided to become a lifetime member.  I have been working a full- time job at Citigroup and keep farming on the weekends. Each year I forget to renew my membership because I was too busy.  I love to farm, enjoy nature and have good time all the time.   I asked myself why don’t I become a lifetime member?  I thought $1000.00 was big money, but I think I can meet more farmer friends, get together and learn from them. Sometimes I feel that I am very lucky to do this because without PFI staff, Iowan farmers, and field days, I will not be able to learn and get more experience.  So I decided to get in there and have good time!
-Phrakhounmany “Air “Philavanh
Milo, IA

We became lifetime members because we strongly believe that locally-grown food can have a positive impact in many areas: creating strong small-town communities, providing fresh food with little shipping, and minimizing the influence of industrial agriculture. Our current reliance on corn and beans has created a system at great risk. We need variety in what we grow; we need farmers who want to diversify. From what Gail has told us, members of PFI care deeply about their land and their livestock. I have been impressed with the growth in PFI’s membership and attendance at events. You are doing good work that I wish could be replicated in every state!
Liz and Larry Bredeson
West Des Moines, IA

We decided to become lifetime members because PFI has been a great resource for all of our family. We are hoping that PFI will be around for several years and be a great group for our children to be involved with. PFI helped influence some of our landlords that, weren’t landlords at the time, to search for someone like us to farm their farm. We did rent their farm for so many years and now have been able to purchase it from them. So we are very grateful for such a great organization as PFI, so this is our way of saying THANK YOU!
-James and Julie Petersen

Lifetime Members

Nathan and Sarah Anderson -Aurelia, IA

Jon Bakehouse, Maple Edge Farm – Hastings, IA

Lisa and Andy Bean – Waukee, IA

Steve Beaumont – Garber, IA

Dennis Berger & Son, Inc-Daytonville, IA

Don Adams and Nan Bonfils – Madrid, IA

Peg Bouska- Iowa City, IA

Jack and Marion Boyer, J. Boyer Farms, Inc – Reinbeck, IA

Liz and Larry Bredeson – West Des Moines, IA

Dave and Amy Breese, Bend River Custom Farms

Jay Brown – Providence, RI

Bruce and Connie Carney – Maxwell, IA

Wade Dooley – Albion, IA

Herb and Kathy Eckhouse – Norwalk, IA

Sondra Feldstein – Bondurant, IA

Fish Family Farms – Minnetonka, MN

Robert and Susan Fleming – Philadephia, PA

James Frantzen – Elma, IA

Jess and Michelle Frantzen – Owatonna, MN

Tom and Irene Frantzen – New Hampton, IA

Tyler Franzenburg – Dysart, IA

Joan Fumetti and Tim Mlsna – Windson Heights, IA

Grain Millers,Inc – Eden Prairie, MN

Green Cover Seed, Bladen, NE

Helen Gunderson – Ames, IA

Steven and Lisa Gustafson – Boone, IA

Gary A.T Guthrie and Nancy J.T. Guthrie – Nevada, IA

Jeanne and Jay Hansen, Hansen’s Dairy- Hudson, IA

Robert and Ruth Harvey, Redfield, IA

Paul Hertz – Ames, IA

Gail Hickenbottom – West Des Moines, IA

Diane Horn – Seattle, WA

Kristine and Ryan Jepsen – Dorchester, IA

Patricia and Paul Johnson – Decorah, IA

David and Lois Kail- Concord, CA

Jack Knight – Luana, IA

Elizabeth Kolbe – Ames, IA

Kevin and Susan Kolbe-Grinnell, IA

Tim Landgraf and Jan Libbey – Kanawha, IA

Randy and Beth Larabee – Ames, IA

Brent and Christine Larson

Matt Liebman and Laura Merrick, Ames, IA

Lipes Family Farm – West Branch, IA

Linda Marshall – Malvern, IA

Amy Miller – West Des Moines, IA

Dirk Mol – Champaign,IL

Kent and Kathryn Morris – Atlantic, IA

Dewey Murken – Grinnell, IA

Byron Olson – Boone, IA

Jeff and Gayle Olson – Winfield, IA

John and Jenny Olson,Ullensvang Farm – Kelley, IA

James and Julie Petersen, Petersen family Farms – Knoxville, IA

Teresa Opheim and Rich Schuler – Minneapolis, MN

Mark and Melanie Peterson – Stanton, IA

Phrakhounmany “Air” Philavanh – Milo, IA

Mark and Sharon Rasmussen – Ames, IA

Ron and Maria Rosmann – Harlan, IA

Jeff and Vee Sage – Waverly, IA

Laura Sayre – Iowa City, IA

TJ and Jolene Schaefer – Jewell, IA

Evelyn Schelm Shawver – Des Moines, IA

David Scott- Muscatine, IA

Lisa Schulte Moore and Peter Moore – Ames, IA

Dick Schwab – Solon, IA

Mikol Sesker – Henderson, NV

Dick and Diana Sloan – Rowley, IA

Dan Specht (Donated in memoriam by James West)

Jennifer and Chuck Steffen – Birmingham, IA

Kelly and Angie Tagtow – Elkhart, IA

John and Angela Tedesco – Johnston, IA

Mark and Connie Tjelmeland – McCallsburg, IA

Kurt and Teresa Van Hulzen – Sac City, IA

Ron and Nancy Vos – Ireton, IA

Tom Wahl and Kathy Dice – Wapello, IA

Steve and June Weis – Osage, IA

James and Mary West – Ames, IA

Don Whittaker – Jersey City, NJ

Sally and Chris Worley – Grimes, IA

Steve and Megan Wright – New Market, IA