Find A Farmer

Find a Farmer facilitates the exchange of land from one generation to the next, whether you are a beginning farmer looking for land or a landowner looking for a beginning farmer.

Are you a beginning farmer looking for farmland to start or expand your operation? Are you a landowner interested in selling or leasing your land to someone who shares your vision for the future? was created by Practical Farmers of Iowa to help maintain family farms and vibrant rural communities by facilitating the transfer of land from one generation to the next.

Our beginning farmer network has consistently cited land access as a main barrier to starting their own operation. Considering the aging population of landowners across Iowa and the Midwest, this Find A Farmer land-matching tool has great potential to help with the coming land transition.

The website allows for a comfortable place to start anonymous conversations with land-seekers or landowners that meet your interests, criteria, and location. Search for users in a particular area that fit your specifications and send them a message to begin the discussion.

Did we mention Find A Farmer is FREE and available for anyone with internet access? No membership is required.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create an account

2. Build a profile that describes your desired farm characteristics (as a land-seeker) or your farm’s     details (as a landowner)

3. Tell your story—what you have, what you’re looking for, your values and experience; and upload     photos

4. Use the search tool to look for landowners or land-seekers that meet your criteria

5. Start a conversation by adding a friend or prospect and sending a message


Beginning farmer Rory Van Wyk and his wife, Lynette, successfully found their 40-acre farm on “I started a conversation with the seller and explained our dreams and how we wanted to farm,” Rory says. “They received a few other offers but came back to us because they liked our vision. This is the farm the seller grew up on, and he had promised his dad to sell it to someone who would put it back into sustainable production.”