Ndayahundwa Evance and Shwirima Ezinoel

Ndayahundwa Evance and Shwirima Ezinoel

Des Moines, Iowa

Ndayahundwa EvanceWhy do you want to farm?  

We love farming and this is something we have both done since a young age. We know that when we farm, we can always support ourselves with food production and provide our families with healthy food throughout the whole year that doesn’t use chemicals. We can also help our family financially by making money from our gardens. We love being able to produce and provide this food for our commmunity as well, and providing this food to others that have the same values and making them happy.

What are you farming right now?   

We produce traditional African vegetable varietials as well as “American” varietials. We sell our produce to the Global Greens CSA and Farmers Market as well as our community.

What’s your vision for your farm?   

We envision having a 10-acre farm. We will farm a larger variety of produce based on what our customers wants us to grow. At this stage, adding livestock will be a priority. At first, the main focus of our farm will be to support our family and then grow our small business to serve our community. Our farm will help our family grow and will also help our community. When our business grows, we will contribute to our local community’s small business ecosystem that in turns helps other small businesses.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

We love the idea of being in this program because it is going to support us to grow our farm operation and grow vegetables. This program is going to help us purchase materials when we expand our operation and help us achieve profitability.

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