Small Grains Cost-Share

2024 Small Grains Cost-Share Program Is Open!

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Practical Farmers has two forms of cost-share for those implementing extended rotations with small grains. Farmers may choose to take part in one or both cost-share programs:

  1. Receive $20 per acre for raising a small grain (barley, oats, cereal rye, triticale, wheat) with a cover crop that contains a legume.
  2. Receive an additional $20 per acre for reducing nitrogen rates on 2024 corn that follows your small grain-legume cover in rotation.

This program is open for non-organic acres in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska or Wisconsin.

To learn more about the two forms of extended rotation cost-share, read through our program eligibility requirements and program steps.

Applications will close July 1, 2024.

You’re welcome to share program information with other farmers by sharing this Small Grains Cost-Share flyer.


Contact our cover crops cost-share team by emailing or by calling the office at (515) 232-5661, ext. 2. 

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