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Livestock on the Land


In broad-brush, Livestock on the Land is a story about regenerative grazing and its promise for the Iowa landscape. Up close, however, it’s a story about people – the farmers driven by love of family, land and livestock to seek more resilient solutions, and the community that emerges when livestock are on the land.

The film goes beyond the science to show how livestock are central threads connecting people, diversifying farms, protecting soil and water, and anchoring rural communities.

When livestock leave, so do the people. Livestock on the Land shows the reverse: how livestock can re-people our rural communities by giving farmers a chance to get started, grow businesses, provide for their families, work together and bring back the next generation to sustain the cycle.

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Livestock on the Land is a story by Practical Farmers of Iowa about the ways that farmers are building a regenerative agriculture by centering their operations around the animals they care for.

Whether it’s through rotational grazing or cover crops or fertility for crop fields, livestock hold the key to protecting our soil, cleaning up our water and even providing habitat for wildlife. But most importantly, livestock give farmers a chance to get started, grow businesses, provide for their families, work together, and ultimately, bring back the next generation to start it all over again.

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Livestock on the Land Magazine Article

Practical Farmers of Iowa

In 2017, we started out on a journey to tell the story of regenerative grazing and its promise for the Iowa landscape. As we talked to more and more PFI farmers about the animals that made up the backbone of their farms, we realized we were onto something bigger – and more complex.

Linking Livestock to Land

Practical Farmers of Iowa

At one time, the vast majority of farms in Iowa included livestock. Today, however, livestock are an afterthought for many current non-operating landowners – those who don’t actively farm.

Graze More Instead of Owning More

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Odds are you’ve probably heard of or seen goats grazing in your local county park to eat down poison ivy and other unwanted plant species. This practice, referred to as prescribed grazing, is increasingly prevalent in Iowa and beyond – in both rural and urban areas.

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