Livestock on the Land

livestock on the land

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In 2017, we started out on a journey to tell the story of regenerative grazing and its promise for the Iowa landscape. As we talked to more and more PFI farmers about the animals that made up the backbone of their farms, we realized we were onto something bigger – and more complex. High-tensile fences and electro-netting, mob grazing and manure packs, small grains and silvopasture are all part of it. But focusing on these innovative practices obscures the most important part of this story: It’s all about the people.

Our late co-founder Dick Thompson had something to say about this. He said it many times and in many ways, but the premise was the same: When cattle leave the farm, the people leave and the community begins to crumble. While livestock can work wonders for protecting soil, cleaning the water and even providing habitat for the birds and bees, at their core, they reveal things about ourselves and each other.



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