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If you’re a journalist with a media inquiry, visit our Newsroom page for our staff media contact and other information.

When it comes to farming practices and systems, there’s no single right way or approach. Iowa’s agricultural landscape is filled with a diverse coalition of farmers growing a range of crops and livestock using myriad approaches for equally diverse markets and customers.

Farmers truly are the experts on their unique farming systems.

Since 1985, Practical Farmers of Iowa has been bringing farmers together to learn from and support one another. This culture of sharing has always been central to our work.

Today, we’re a diverse group of farmers, landowners, friends of farmers and other supporters in Iowa and beyond who believe that sharing knowledge can help us all build resilient farms and communities.

What we offer

To empower farmers to share their knowledge and experience, we coach our members in public speaking and help them tell compelling stories with confidence and clarity.

If you are planning an event, organizing a guest lecture, seeking a farming voice for a story or need to access farmer insights for any other reason, our farmer-leaders are ready to engage.

To connect with a PFI farmer speaker, contact Maggie Norton, PFI’s farmer outreach coordinator, at or (515) 232-5661. Please provide basic background on the event or project, including topic, format, dates and location information.