Anna Hankins and Shae Pesek


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnna Hankins and Shae Pesek

Coggon – Over the Moon Farm & Flowers

What are you farming right now?

Shae and Anna have been raising a diversity of livestock including dairy bottle calves, some goats, and pigs. They raise sweet corn, flowers, and some vegetables and are excited to expand their production.

Why do you want to farm?

We love growing things – particuarly plants, animals and community. We are both committed to life in this rural community and believe there is so much potential here. Both of us feel best when we are caring for livestock, tending to our fields and thinking about what we could always be doing better. The potential to care for the land and the people around us is a huge motivating factor for growing our farm business.

What’s your vision for your farm?

  • Direct-to-consumer meat: We would like to do both cuts and whole- and half-animals. If possible, we would also continue raising calves or doing market beef.
  • Flowers for wholesale, local florists and bouquet subscriptions
  • Farm collaborations, such as running the U-pick flower patch at Buffalo Ridge Orchard
  • A small rural CSA focused on just customers who live within 15 miles of the farm (we envision having 20 or so members to start)
  • Sweet corn: We would like to expand our sweet corn production and sell it through other CSAs near us and in our community.
  • Year-round production and full-time income for both of us. We have been thinking about winter incomes including mushrooms, microgreens and meat sales.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

We believe SIP will help us create a strong business plan for our new enterprises. It will also equip us with resources to make better, more informed decisions as we move forward.

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