Savings Incentive Program Class of 2023

Join us in getting to know the Savings Incentive Program of 2023!

The Savings Incentive Program is a two-year program that pairs beginning and aspiring farmers with experienced farmer mentors; provides targeted learning and peer networking opportunities; and offers business planning support and guidance. This year we are welcoming nine farmers from across the state of Iowa. They come with a variety of farm businesses ranging from vegetables to direct-marketed meat and wool. Three farmers are joining from the Global Greens Incubator Farm program run by Lutheran Services in Iowa.

Throughout the program, participants will invest up to $2,400 into their farm savings account. In these two years, they will be working to build their network through farmer-led events and mentoring opportunities. When they leave the program, they will have a business plan to help guide their farm business decisions. After successfully completing the program, Practical Farmers of Iowa matches their savings dollar for dollar, up to $2,400, to use toward the purchase of a farm asset.

Barber Wilhelm

Emma Barber and Jeremy Willhelm

Springville, Iowa

Read about Emma and Jeremy


Emery Davis

Solon, Iowa

Read about Emery


Minani Esta and Renovat D.

Des Moines, Iowa

Read about Minani and Renovat


Hakizimana Francois and Niyonzima Roza

Des Moines, Iowa

Read about Hakizimana and Niyonzima

2020 Scolastica havest african eggplant 3

Phenias Ndiho and Scholastica Nilingymana

Des Moines, Iowa

Read about Phenias and Scholastica


Stennie Nelson

Turin, Iowa

Read about Stennie


Amanda and Knute Severson

Clarion, Iowa

Read about Amanda and Knute


Steve Strasheim

Mitchell, Iowa

Read about Steve


Laura Tidrick

Clear Lake, Iowa

Read about Laura

Questions about the Savings Incentive Program? Contact Greg Padget at of call the office at (515) 232-5661.