Labor4Learning Trainer

About the Program

The Labor4Learning program helps pair beginning and aspiring farmers looking for paid on farm experience with experienced farmers invested in mentoring the next generation of farmers and looking for an on-farm employee.

We know that training the next generation of farmers means extra work for you. While a Labor4Learning trainee is in your employment, we provide you with compensation of $200 per month, with a maximum of $1,000 per year.

Trainer Requirements

Trainer applicants for the Labor4Learning program represent a wide range of enterprises and production practices in Iowa. To qualify, Labor4Learning trainers should have a desire to mentor the next generation of farmers and must be PFI members.

As a PFI Labor4Learning trainer you will:

  • Recruit, interview and hire an employee that you feel is a good fit for your farm position
  • Pay your trainee at least the minimum wage
  • Develop a list of Learning Outcomes with your trainee
  • Follow all recordkeeping and wage reporting requirements applicable to your farm
  • Provide paid time off for the trainee to attend one Practical Farmers of Iowa event, such as a field day or social.
  • Communicate with PFI staff

Hesitant to hire a farm employee due to questions about legal requirements? Check out our Farm Employment FAQ about the rights and responsibilities for Iowa farm workers and farm employers.


The application period has closed for the 2024 application season. Applications will open next fall for the 2025 growing season. All complete applications submitted will be reviewed by a committee of Practical Farmers of Iowa’s farmer members. Selections will be made in early January.