Corbin Scholz

ScholzCorbin Scholz

Iowa City – Rainbow Roots Farm

Why do you want to farm?

I am passionate about taking care of the soil, water and air while producing healthy food for my community.

What are you farming right now?

Rainbow Roots Farm in Iowa City. I serve 30-50 CSA members, attend a local farmers market and sell to a couple of restaurants and the food hub in Iowa City.

What’s your vision for your farm?

I want to be able to serve 200 CSA members through a sliding-scale payment, where your income determines how much money you pay. This can help get healthy food to marginalized communities. I am interested in taking care of the land and also getting food out to communities who would otherwise not be able to have fresh food.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

I am a young farmer with no access to capital. I am looking for a way to help myself grow in the future.

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