Grazing Infrastructure Cost-Share

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The grazing cost-share supports aspiring or existing graziers who wish to adopt regenerative grazing practices that improve forage, soil and water quality. The cost-share also helps them expand their livestock enterprises through improved grazing management.

Farmers will receive up to $5,000 to purchase portable, temporary fencing supplies; water transport and distribution supplies; and portable housing for grazing livestock. We will prioritize beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers.

Funding basics and common questions 

  • I am not an Iowa resident. Can I still apply? 

Yes! We have some funds available to PFI members regardless of state of residence. 

  • What does “EQIP eligible” mean? How do I know if I’m eligible? 

In short, EQIP eligibility means you have a tract number from USDA-FSA associated with your farm, and that if you’re going to graze any land, you are certain that you will have access to it for the duration of this project. Because some of our funding is federally-derived, participants receiving those funds will have to adhere to both EQIP eligibility and NRCS fence rules. We will help walk you through all of these requirements. 

  • Is virtual fencing allowed? 

Yes! Some of our funding is supportive of virtual fence. 

To qualify: 

  • Be a member of Practical Farmers of Iowa.
  • May need to be eligible for EQIP (depending on funding source).
  • You may not overlap this cost-share with NRCS cost share.

If accepted, you agree to: 

  • Use funds to purchase mobile fence and water infrastructure and turn in receipts.
  • Track and share basic economic and production data.
  • Complete an annual cost-share program survey.
  • Comply with NRCS fence standards (depending on funding source).


Contact our livestock farm viability manager, Margaret Chamas, by emailing or by calling the office at (515) 232-5661.

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