Jeremy and Amber Prochnow

Jeremy and Amber Prochnow

Glenwood, Iowa

ProchnowWhy do you want to farm?  

We want to farm to improve access to chemical-free and healthy foods for our surrounding communities and family, as well as to improve soil, air and water quality.

What are you farming right now?   

We are raising vegetables using sustainable agricultural practices that include low- or no-till. We currently market these vegetables through two farmers markets, CSA sales and some wholesale accounts.

What’s your vision for your farm?   

Our farm vision is to be running a completely sustainable farm that promotes our values of environmental conservation, sustainability and access to quality food.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

Participating in the Savings Incentive Program will help us acquire the knowledge to successfully execute on our business plan, expand farm production, increase market opportunities, manage and find farm labor and to run a more sustainable farm.

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