Cover Crop Cost Share Programs

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Mark Jackson of Oskaloosa shows some of the below-ground benefits from cover crops: improved soil structure and habitat for earthworms.

Cover Crop Cost Share Programs

Do you sell corn to Cargill at the Eddyville plant or soybeans to Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) in Des Moines? If so, you might be eligible for cost share to help make cover crops work on your farm. We can help! Sign up for a free consultation today or sign up to get more information:

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Receive Cost-Share and the Support of PFI’s Network

Practical Farmers of Iowa invites farmers who sell soybeans into the ADM supply chain via its Des Moines plant or who sell corn to Cargill via the Eddyville plant to participate in a cover crop cost-share programs. Farmers can reserve their place in by signing up for a free, non-binding, one-hour phone consultation with a cover crop expert at Practical Farmers of Iowa.

During the call, an agronomist at Practical Farmers will discuss ways you can get started with cover crops – or if you already have some cover crop experience, how you can move into a more advanced cover cropping system.

Choosing to have the consultation does not oblige you to participate, but if you do decide to enroll, you will have fulfilled your enrollment requirement. Slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for farmers who then commit to plant cover crops in fall 2018. Sign up below.

About the Cost-Share Programs

Cost-share participants are eligible to receive $10 per acre on up to 10% of their total farmed acres or 160 acres, whichever is larger. We’ll also help you find other cost–share funds through IDALS and NRCS. The cover crop staff at Practical Farmers will work through this process to secure the maximum cost-share dollars possible for each farmer in the program. We want to help you get roots in the ground year round!

For acres not eligible for cost-share, you’ll still be eligible for a crop insurance discount of $5 per acre on those cover-cropped acres, offered only in the state of Iowa.

Participants also receive a complimentary membership to Practical Farmers of Iowa: this means access to the most experienced cover croppers in the Midwest and opportunities to learn about cover crops at field days, workshops and other events.

You can learn more about the requirements for receiving cost-share: