Cover Crop Cost Share Programs

Do you plan to plant cover crops in in the fall of 2021? 

Do you plan to sell corn directly to the Cargill Eddyville facility in 2021 (this year or last year’s crop)? 

Do you plan to sell soybeans to one of these facilities in 2021 (this year or last year’s crop)?

Direct to ADM-Des Moines, Direct to ADM-Atlantic, 21 Century Co-op, BB&P Feed and Grain, DFS, Heartland Co-op, Key Co-op, Landus, Mid-Iowa Co-op, Pella Feed Service Inc, Smith Fertilizer and Grain, Two Rivers Co-op, United Farmers Co-op.

If yes, you may be eligible for cover crop cost share to help offset your costs!

This private cost share is in addition to any publicly-funded cover crop cost share you receive.  You can submit the same acres for our privately funded program that you submit for the public programs, which means more money to cover your cover crop investment!

Land is not eligible if already enrolled in another private cost share program including but not limited to: Indigo Carbon, ESMC, Bayer Carbon and Nori.

If land is enrolled in the Soil and Water Outcomes Fund program, field eligibility needs to be determined.

Fill out the application below and PFI will email a contract if you are eligible.  

For more information, see the Cargill/PepsiCo requirements requirements and ADM/Unilever requirements.