Conventional Tests

Locations in Conventional Tests receive test entry seed that may be treated OR untreated.  While the primary focus of USTN is to provide a testing network for untraited (non-GMO) seed, traited/GMO seed may also be planted as a “check” by USTN and some traited/GMO seed may be submitted as entries by Testers who have the proper licensing.  Locations are managed conventionally AND as if all entries were untraited/non-GMO (i.e. not herbicide tolerant; not glyphosate or glufosinate tolerate).

Organic Tests

Locations in Organic Tests receive only untreated AND untraited/non-GMO test entry seed.  These locations are certified or certifiable organic and are managed organically.  Some locations may be transitioning to organic OR are conventional locations that will be managed organic. All locations are managed organically.

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