Grazing Consultations

Are you considering establishing or improving a grazing system for the livestock on your farm? Practical Farmers is now offering grazing consultation calls with Livestock Viability Manager Margaret Chamas!

Who is Eligible?

These free consultations are for established or aspiring livestock farmers interested in taking their management to the next level – whether that’s grazing for the first time, going from monthly to weekly moves or setting up a super-intensive system with multiple paddock shifts a day. Margaret’s specialty is ruminants, but she will also facilitate calls (or find an expert) for monogastrics and poultry.

What to Expect

Consults will vary depending on the situation; expect 1-2 phone calls of 30 minutes or more and possibly a site visit. Margaret will work with you to identify some goals and outcomes to achieve. While she’s spent plenty of time touring farms and testing various levels of grazing frequency and intensity, she also understands that there are only so many hours in a day and that the best grazing system for a farm will be the one that the grazier enjoys, profits from and can sustain day after day.

How to Prepare

Bring a livestock inventory (or ideas of what you want in the future), pasture/forage inventory (pasture acreage, forage type) and some general goals to your consultation.

Schedule a Consultation

Margaret will be available for consultations beginning in early April through the end of the 2024 grazing season.

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For questions about the program, contact Margaret Chamas at margaret.chamas(at)practicalfarmers(dot)org.