Zachariah Ritland

Zachariah RitlandZachariah Ritland

Hubbard – Richland Family Farms

Why do you want to farm?

I want to farm because I have a passion for the land, I come from a long line of farmers, I love watching things grow and I think farming will be a great way to build a life.

What are you farming right now?

I currently row-crop corn, soybeans, peas and sweet corn. I am starting to convert fields to organic, and I plan on using a rye cover crop this year for weed control in organic soybeans. I also raise around 50-head of meat goats and a cow-calf drylot operation.

What’s your vision for your farm?

The vision for my farm is to provide income to support a family, improve the land that I am fortunate enough to be the steward of and help the community by providing jobs. I would like to own my farm outright without debt so that I can afford to improve and build the soil instead of just worrying about paying the rent. My perfect vision would be a self-sustaining farm that can provide income and jobs for several families.

Why do you want to participate in this program?

Participating in this program will help me save money to put towards a new row cultivator that will let me convert more of my acres to organic production. I want to build the soil health of my farms, and the best way to do that is with cover crops and organic practices. I also want to participate in this program’s events to learn more ideas and farming practices – and I’m looking forward to building a larger network of like-minded farmers.

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