Small Grains Cost-Share

Welcome to the cost-share for extended rotations in 2022! We have two cost-share options available for those implementing extended rotations. Use the form below to apply for one ($15/ac) or both ($30/ac) programs.

  1. Small grains cost-share ($15/acre, up to 200 acres per farmer)
    1. To qualify you must harvest a small grain in 2022 (for grain or forage) and plant a summer cover crop that contains at least one legume species (double cropping soybeans is not eligible).
  2. N fertilizer reduction cost-share in corn ($15/acre, up to 200 acres per farmer)
    1. To qualify you must reduce your nitrogen applied to 2022 corn that follows your small grain + summer cover crop. You may either:
      1. Cut your N application by 40 units (compared to your “typical” N rate in a two-year system).
      2. Apply no more than 100 units.

To qualify for either cost-share:

  • You must farm in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, or Wisconsin.
  • Your crop cannot be certified organic at the time of harvest (transition is OK).
  • Depending on your location you MAY be able to overlap your acres with EQIP or a private carbon market.
  • You may NOT overlap this cost-share with any PFI fall cover crop cost-share programs (Ex. cereal rye sown in 2021 cannot count as both a fall cover crop and a small-grain crop for cost-share).

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Contact our field crops viability manager, Lydia English, by emailing or by calling the office at (515) 232-5661.

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