Published Jul 25, 2019

Grazing Groups Connect Livestock Farmers

By Meghan Filbert

During May and June, PFI held six grazing groups throughout Iowa. 176 farmers attended – leaving inspired and better connected to other graziers! These informal get-togethers gave graziers the opportunity to take a pasture walk, ask lots of questions and connect beginning farmers with those that have many years of experience to share. 


regenerative cattle grazing group farmers

Graziers swap knowledge and stories.

A range of topics were explored – fence and water set-ups, stockpiling and bale grazing, warm- and cool-season pasture management, clipping and haying, livestock breeds and meat marketing – to list a few. 

20190516 Social JPG 0008

Tim Diers, of Lockridge, hosted southeastern graziers on his farm where he’s restoring the land through grazing.

Join Your Regional Grazing Group

Each group has plans to meet on a quarterly basis and will be arranged by a local leader. If you missed the grazing group in your region the first time around, you’re still encouraged to join! You do not need to be PFI member to be a part of a grazing group. 

If you’d like to go on a pasture walk (or even better – host a pasture walk!) and connect with like-minded grass and livestock farmers, contact your local leader(s): 

Northwest Iowa:

Robert Alexander;

Southwest Iowa:

Andy Welch;

Central Iowa:

Steve Riggins; 

Jason Jones;

Northeast Iowa:

Wendy Johnson;

Martha McFarland;

Eastern Iowa:

Doug Darrow;

Tom Rowles;

Southeastern Iowa:

Michael Vittetoe;

Jeremy Erdmann;