Open Calls for On-Farm Research

Open Calls for On-Farm Research Cooperators

We are currently seeking participants for two on-farm research trials. Find more details and apply below.

Can We Reduce N Rates to Corn and Improve ROI?

Have you been using soil health practices like cover crops, diversified crop rotation, integrated livestock grazing, reduced tillage, compost, etc.? Join numerous farmers from the Upper Midwest in an ongoing research study that pays you to put your soil health to the test! This project involves comparing your typical N fertilizer rate vs. a reduced N rate of your choosing in randomized, replicated strips. For instance, if your typical N rate is 200 lb N/ac, your reduced rate could be 160 lb N/ac (i.e., 40-unit reduction). 

The reduced rate is entirely up to you; you may decide on your reduced rate in any manner you see fit.  

When, how and what form of N you apply is also entirely up to you. Pre-plant, split application, side-dress, Y-drop, chemical fertilizer, manure, combination of the two, etc. If you apply manure, we do need an analysis so that we can calculate units N applied. 

Download our flyer for more information about this trial.  

Interested in participating or would like to learn more?

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Do Cover Crops Increase the Number of Days Suitable for Field Work?

Do you think that you are getting into your fields earlier than your neighbors in the spring and not leaving ruts in the field when harvesting in the fall? Do you suspect these suitable field conditions are due to your use of cover crops? If so, consider joining a multi-farm effort that will shed light on this phenomenon. This project relies on farmers like you observing cover-cropped fields through the year. You’ll complete a short survey on a weekly basis that asks, “If you wanted to, could you have completed field activities this past week without compromising field integrity? On which days this past week could you have done so?” 

We think the results we’ll gather from farmers like you will run counter to the trend in recent years of less days suitable for field work in the spring and fall reported in the weekly Crop Progress and Condition reports from USDA. Help us and your fellow cover croppers put this to the test! 

Interested in participating or would like to learn more?

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