E-Mail Discussion Groups

What are the discussion groups?

Email discussion groups are a member benefit, and an excellent way to stay in touch with and get advice from your fellow PFI members. You simply send and receive messages like regular emails. You can choose to respond to the individual sender, the whole group, or just sit back and watch.

Joining an email discussion group is one of the simplest ways to stay connected to the PFI community. Keep informed, share events, meet other farmers, landowners and non-farmers interested in diverse agriculture, and get the support you need to make practical food and farm decisions. People that use the discussion list tell us it is one of the most valuable member benefits.

Why Join?

The greatest asset of Practical Farmers is the knowledge and ideas, generously shared, of our dynamic community of members. Our email discussion groups instantly connect you with that network of knowledge from the convenience of your smartphone, home or office.

Quick Facts:

We have six discussion groups to choose from:

  • General – production questions, seeking machinery, ride-sharing, event notifications, etc.
  • Cover Crops – everything cover crops
  • Field Crops – questions about field crops, seed, events, notifications, etc.
  • Horticulture – questions and discussion about fruit, vegetable, agroforestry and other horticultural crop production, pests, CSAs and other marketing strategies, events, etc.
  • Livestock – livestock questions, sales, events, production
  • Policy – better known as “healthy debate”- created after members asked our general discussion be free of debate regarding agriculture and its intersection with politics, society and advocacy. When the conversation includes differing viewpoints or opinions, it should be posted and discussed on policy.

You are welcome to join any that may be of interest to you. The discussion group activity is managed by PFI staff, and it is easy to join or unsubscribe at any time.  If you are concerned about too many emails, you always have the option to receive a “digest” option.  This option will provide you with one daily email that contains all the emails of the day.

Rules of the Discussion List

  • Be civil. Gossip, flaming (abusive, inflammatory language) or lengthy criticism is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
  • Political action alerts should be confined to the Policy list. Send messages to the appropriate lists.
  • Please remember we are a big-tent organization. Be respectful of different viewpoints and beliefs. Refrain from discussing political candidates, politicians and religion.
  • Do not send the same message to multiple lists. Cross-posting of messages is restricted and may result in the removal of the message.
  • The General list is moderated and messages may take longer to go through. We ask for your patience until your message is approved.
  • We will issue a warning for any rule violation. Subsequent offenses may result in your email being removed from the list.
  • Watch attachment size. Please try to keep individual attachments to a maximum of 3 MB.

How do I join?

First, join Practical Farmers of Iowa (join here) and then contact the office at 515-232-5661 or email debra@practicalfarmers.org.