Liz Kolbe

Farmer-Led Education Director


Headshot LizKolbeLiz Kolbe joined the Practical Farmers of Iowa staff in the summer of 2013. In her current role, Liz oversees strategy and operations for PFI’s farmer-led education team, including farmer-led education events and outreach.

A native of Grinnell, Iowa, Liz received her bachelor’s degree in environmental science at Colorado College. Following graduation, she worked as the program coordinator for the State of the Rockies Project, eventually shifting her academic focus to agriculture and landscape.

Liz earned her master’s degree in environmental science with a specialization in agroecosystem science at The Ohio State University, primarily working with the Agroecosystems Management Program at The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster, Ohio. Prior to her current position, Liz managed the horticulture and habitat programs at PFI. She also serves on the board of directors for Wheatsfield Cooperative Grocery in Ames, Iowa.

Liz enjoys playing sports; garage sale-ing; home, yard or furniture projects (her own or other people’s); semi-structured day trips; and doing crosswords on the front porch. She lives in Ames, Iowa, with her partner, David.

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