Published Aug 3, 2009

OSTG Field Day

By Luke Gran

Tim Landgraf welcoming guests to the field day at One Step at a Time Gardens

On July 25th, 40 people participated in the “All Abuzz about Habitat” field day at PFI members Jan Libbey and Tim Landgraf’s “One Step at a Time Gardens” in Kanawha, IA.

Jan and Tim welcomed everyone out to the farm, discussed the benefits of PFI membership, Ann Robinson from Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, spoke about landowners opportunities working with land conservation easements, and expressed INHF support of PFI.

Members jumped on the hay rack for a tour of the vegetable plots, windbreaks, native perennial prairie and wetlands all of which increase habitat quality for native pollinators. Whereas corn is wind pollinated these insects are crucial for fruit and vegetable production. Jan Libbey showcased the talent of her farm hands by inviting intern Andrea to share an article she wrote for the CSA newsletter about industrial agriculture and industrial food. Folks got to try their hand at insect netting, and someone even discovered a large leopard frog.

County Conservation employee was present to talk about prairie management and an NRCS specialist spoke on the importance of native prairie species used in government incentive conservation programs.

PFI Program Specialist Sarah Carlson shared new information about designing land to optimize the farm for native pollinators, and government programs available with cost-share.

Finally, as in all wonderful PFI events, everyone enjoyed a fresh, tasty potluck including perhaps the best cherry pie of the summer made by Liz, farm intern Sally’s mother.

See you at the next field day!