Published Feb 8, 2010

By Luke Gran

We don’t want to be merely trite when we celebrate the collaborative
effort to acquire and distribute over 150 beverage coolers to probably
more than 30 producers across Iowa.
Norm McCoy, Marshalltown C.C., first reported that Iowa Waste Exchange
was working with a NE Iowa company that had warehoused these units and
before they went to a land-fill…were looking for potential users.
Loyd Johnson, 4 Season Gardens collaborative near Nashua, and Norm coordin-
ated acquisition and distribution over a ten day period, a labor of
communication and about $4.00/unit, which will serve functions from
egg and meat storage, vegetable and cut flower cooling,
to–yes–beverage cooling-their original purpose.
They were made in China, used around the country at various sites.
About 33″ high and wide and 20″ front to back, they have clear plastic
lids, adjustable thermostats(down to 30 degrees) and three wire baskets.
There was variable condition of these units, but 98% are supposed to
WORK, despite 90% or so of the lids having various degrees of damage.
Collaboration is not without challenges but most of uscan’t develop
alone! The Iowa Waste Exchange invited listing needs with them so future
“waste” can be recycled. And PFI listserv WORKS!
Norm and I invite those who received units to keep in touch, that maybe
further feedback can assure greater success in collaboration.
Loyd/Norm (

Bloomin’ Wooley Acres
-Market Garden-