Published Feb 24, 2010

Member Benefit

By Luke Gran

As a member based organization Practical Farmers of Iowa relies on annual membership fees as part of the annual operating budget. In return, we provide members with benefits. Our website lists them as follows:

  1. Newsletter Quarterly
  2. Discounts to Conferences
  3. On-Farm Research
  4. Apprenticeships
  5. Field Day Guide
  6. Members Only Email Listserve

Allow me to expand a bit on the value of the email listserve with two recent examples.

A PFI member heard of FREE refrigerated coolers destined for the landfill in NE Iowa, sent the word out and as a result, many beginning fruit and vegetable farmers in the state have access to valuable cool storage for fresh products this growing season.

Another PFI member and beginning farmer demonstrated his interest in helping other beginners while putting his welding skill and scrap pile to use for PFI farmers. Offering his creativity, time and scrap metal to the 350 member list, beginners are helping each other build their equipment in thrifty ways.

By joining PFI you avail yourself to the wisdom and knowledge of an incredible community of innovative farmers, enlightened consumers and forward-thinking agricultural and environmental professionals.