Published Mar 22, 2010

By Luke Gran

Questions asked by Dave Schmidt, beginning grazier and participating member of PFI’s Next Generation Program

-What are the best forage mixes for central Iowa?
-Would you recommend using any of the native legumes or warm-season
grasses? (maybe in separate paddocks for mid-summer?)
-What are the best strategies for rejuvenating old CRP ground?
(intensive grazing? re-establish? RX burn?)
-What are the best strategies for establishing pasture on bare ground
that has been intensively row-cropped for decades?
-Do you recommend making hay or stockpiling standing forage for winter?
-What is the most effective way to field-measure standing forage volume?
-Is it worth buying more expensive, grass-specific cattle breeds or
just stick with black Angus from the neighbors?
-Is it likely to be years until we have high-enough quality forage
established to properly finish beef?
-How important is measuring brix?
-How important are soil tests?
-What are some solutions for excessive early-season mud?
-What are some indications that the pastures are ready to start
grazing in the spring?
-Do you have any recommendations for chargers and electric fencing?
-Do you have any suggestions for designing the rotation system?
-Do you have a favorite record-keeping system for tracking forage
production or cattle performance?
-Do you recommend buying a livestock scale?
-Do you recommend leasing (e.g., Greg Judy in “Comeback Farms”) or
buying your own land?

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Answers to be given by forage expert Doug Gunnink live on Tuesday Night March 23, 2010 at 7 PM C.S.T. at the online field day location

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