Published Mar 10, 2010

Our State Fair is a great State Fair!

By Suzi Howk

It is starting to get warmer! I don’t know if it actually did hit 50 degrees today, but it was supposed to! I’m starting to get fed up with all the snow on the ground, but I guess it is only the middle of March after all.

I, however, am not the only person getting antsy about warmer weather. Today the staff got into a discussion about the Iowa State Fair, and our favorite parts. Sally was talking about how the best part of the fair was looking at the vegetables, big pumpkins, heirloom tomatoes, and cabbages the size of people’s heads. I guess it is appropriate that she is the Horticulture programming person!

Renee was telling us all about when she was showing her pigs at the fair, and one hit her behind her legs and made her fall over, and Sarah was remarking about how watching the hogs being shown are so cute, because they go everywhere.

Aah, how fun.

The State Fair was something that I had never experienced until this year. Being from a far corner of the state, we never came down to Des Moines for this great Iowa Event. This year I was able to take part, and now I know I need to make a point to go more often! Great music, deep fried candy bars, blue ribbon livestock, lots of people and things to see, it’s pretty overwhelming!

I guess it is still a long ways off, but it’s coming soon! In Ames we are starting to see grass, and the ice is melting off the streets. The office is buzzing with field day planning, and thoughts of the 2010 growing season. Here we go!