Published May 7, 2010

Come All Ye Beginning Farmers

By Luke Gran

Are you a beginning farmer in Iowa (10 years or fewer)? Have you checked-in with Luke at Practical Farmers of Iowa?

Send an email to and make sure you are on our list of beginners to get the latest updates and opportunities from PFI.


Beginning farmers! Take this Survey to help PFI help get you the land you need.


Isn’t it a great day to be a beginning farmer?

Practical Farmers of Iowa is working to meet our (300!!!) beginning farmer’s needs. Today we launched our Savings Incentive Program which will help 90 farms build up to $4,800 to spend on a capital purchase (and get a mentor, help with writing a business plan, and farmer networking).

While we raise money to pay out savings matches for this program, we are going to learn how we can best address the Land problem expressed by our beginners.

The objective is to help direct us in how we proceed to get beginners the land that they need. Your responses will help us to know more about your land desires and how to connect farmers with landowners wanting to assist you in your farming efforts.

As always, we will not share any information you provide to us with other groups. This is just for us.

Here is a link to the survey:
Click here to take survey

Good Luck with your field work this Spring!


Luke Gran
Next Generation Coordinator
Practical Farmers of Iowa
515.232.5661 ext 308