Published Jun 9, 2010

PFI Cooperators conducting 100 R&D projects in 2010

By Sarah Carlson

In 2010, PFI members are conducting 100 on-farm research and demonstration projects through PFI’s Cooperators’ Program. A total of 72 farmers are actively conducting on-farm research and demonstration project to find out answers to challenges they have on their farms. Some farmers are conducting up to 4 projects on their farm. But we encourage beginners to start with just one on-farm project.

Each February at our Cooperators Meeting farmers set their priorities and determine which projects they will investigate in the upcoming years. To read more about our research reports within the program areas click on Horticulture, Field Crops, Grazing, Niche Pork or Poultry links on the home page and scroll down to read our reports.

Topics being researched in 2010 include:

  • Poultry Nutritional Composition Testing
  • Breeding Corn for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Farming System Effect on Water Infiltration and Soil Quality

  • Cover crop effect on following cash crop
  • Seeding cover crops using high clearance equipment and planes
  • Testing new cover crop species and their effect on weeds
  • How to control Canada thistle with cover crops

  • Cover crop effect on soil quality and water infiltration
  • Grazing cover crops
  • Comparison of aphid-resistant and susceptible soybean varieties

  • Energy produced and consumed in different cropping systems
  • Designing on-farm research tools for graziers

  • Documenting local food consumption

  • Measuring production from season extension
  • Flea Beetle control in eggplants

To learn more or participate in an on-farm research project in the future contact Sarah at or 515-232-5661 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 515-232-5661 end_of_the_skype_highlighting