Published Jul 22, 2010

By Sarah Carlson
Interested in conducting on-farm research
about cover crops this fall?

PFI again this year has money available to conduct several on-farm cover crop projects and money for supplies or seeding costs to help you test out new ways to try out cover crops in your system.

Please contact me soon if you are interested. Some project ideas could include:

* aerial seeding
* over-seeding with the hagie highboy
* using winter small grains (rye, wheat, triticale, barley)
* using legumes (hairy vetch, fava beans, etc)
* using brassicas (tillage radish, forage mustards)
* drilling
* broadcasting
* slurry seeding
* weed control
* cover crops + no-till (conv. & org.)
* corn silage, seed corn or beans
* grazing cover crops
* cover crops with late season corn/soybean varieties
* cover crops for spring silage
* hort crops + cover crops

Any idea you please contact Sarah Carlson at or 515-232-5661. Especially manure + cover crops.